We supply printed clothing labels for over 33 years in various and interesting substrates like satin, taffeta, tyvek, cotton, polyester, spun polyester and broadloom woven substrates. Over 3 decades of experience in making fabric printed label are manufactured and supplied at Mumbai, India.

We have an in-house manufacturing facility for woven substrates and this sets us apart from others in the printed labels industry.

Printed labels are made on a variety of materials and are a great choice when you want a label with an intricate design.

You can achieve great detail with printed labels and you have greater freedom with the information that you can include on them. One should consider the application of the label while choosing the type of printed label. Printed labels are extremely cost effective as compared to a woven label.

Our specialty includes

  • We have manufacturing capabilities for output volume runs from a minimum 3000 labels up to 2 million labels per day..
  • Logistics expertise- With the complex breakups of the labels, we have mastered supplying to several factories of a brand.
  • We offer printed labels from 1 to 4 colours
  • We offer front and reverse printing.
  • We offer printed labels with variable information and both side printing
  • Any size is possible, ultrasonic cutting ensures a super soft finish even on the edge.
  • Label finishes include: Roll form, ultrasonic cut and seal, cut & end fold, cut & centre fold, booklet fold, flag label, cut & mitre fold.

Quality tests done on our printed labels

  • Washing durability-(Standard ISO 105)
  • Colour fastness to dry/wet rubbing (Standard 105-X12)
  • Colour fastness to hot pressing (Standard 105-X11)
  • Colour fastness to water (Standard ISO 105-E01)
  • Colour fastness to dye transfer in storage
    (Standard Modified AATCC163)
  • Appearance after dry cleaning (Standard ISO 105-D01)


Taffeta Printed Labels

Taffeta printed labels are typically used as care or content labels. They are only offered in black on white and are limited in the sizes that are offered.

Cotton Printed Labels

Cotton labels finish off your clothing by giving them a vintage look. These are also known as canvas printed labels.They are also a nice option for those looking for something natural and eco-friendly. We offer natural white and dyed/bleached white in various weaves like twill, herringbone, canvas, and grosgrain

Satin Printed Labels

If high clarity of your design is important, then you will want to consider printed satin. Satin labels are very soft with a shiny finish. A satin label could have a woven edge or slit edge with various colours to offer. The most preferred satin printed labels are white or black.


Printed Labels With Consecutive Numbering

We are experts in manufacturing fabric self-adhesive or iron-on labels with consecutive numbering. These labels are recommended for carpets and rugs.

Printed Label On Tear-Away Substrate

In order to completely remove a tag from a garment, the garment must have a tear-away label. Some tear away printed labels are perforated and which pulls right out easily.

Polyester Printed Labels

It is a polyester woven tape with print on it. If you want a label with lots of color and detail, screen printed, polyester substrate printed label works the best.


Printed Label On Slub Substrate

Slub substrate printed labels have the most vintage look as it is created by using uneven yarn. The slub substrate has a textured surface for printing. With the right design, this effect can be very attractive and can add a lot of dimension to your print.

Printed Label With Variable Information

We offer variable data printing on fabric labels. Fabric labels with variable data are widely used in the clothing and home textiles industries. You can combine your brand label or care label with different sizes, consecutive numbers or barcodes.

Woven Printed Labels

The substrate for this label is a broadloom woven tape in fine damask and then printing is done. The sharpness of the print is evident because of the fine damask background.


Q. What is better- woven label or fabric printed label ?

This depends on the type of garment. It is best to discuss with us.

Q. What is a substrate ?

A substrate is the substance on which anything is printed; any underlying material. Fabric printed labels can be printed on several kinds of substrates.

Q. What are Pantone shades ?

A company called Pantone has a catalogue of hundreds of shades printed on paper. Each shade has a unique number. If two companies have the catalogue, they can communicate the exact shade by quoting the unique number.

Q. What are the label printing processes ?

The substrate can be printed by off-set, flexography, thermal or screen printing processes.

Q. Should a care label be a woven label or a fabric printed label ?

It should be a fabric printed label.

Q. Can a fabric printed label be printed on the reverse too ?


Q. How many colours can you print on a garment label ?

We can print a maximum of 6 colours on the front side & 2 on the reverse side.

Q. How do you count the labels ? ?

We have a special counting machine, very similar to a currency counting machine.

Q. Can you print on a black substrate ?


Q. Which substrates does Arrow use ?

a. Satin weave substrate (a shiny material; generally white or black. But it can be in any shade.
b.Taffeta weave substrate- generally white
c. A damask woven substrate- any shade
d.Cotton bleached substrate in taffeta or canvas weaves
e. Cotton grey (un-dyed) substrate in taffeta or canvas weaves
f. Spun polyester substrate in any weave & in any colour

Q. We certainly do not want our labels to bleed/fade. How do you ensure this ?

We have perfected the raw material specifications which ensure colour fastness.

Q. Can you match an exact shade on a printed label ?


Q. What is an ultrasonic cut label ?

Satin printed labels with twin printing are generally stitched on one side & the label is made to hang. (It is not folded). If the label touches the skin, the ultrasonic "cut" eliminates any itching.

Q. Explain the various ways in which you can fold a garment label ?

d. End-fold & centre-fold

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