Are You Looking For Small Quantities
Of Labels & Decorative Tapes For Your Garments?

Here is the company that can do it for you. We serve our customers to the fullest.
Are You Looking For Large Quantities Of Labels & Decorative Tapes For Your Garments ?

Label Specialities

  • The labels are in ready to stitch form.
  • The labels have soft edges and smooth feel. The wearer will not be forced to cut the labels off the garment due to itching.
  • The label colour will not wash out.
  • You can order the brand label, size label & care labels.

Decorative Tapes

We offer 27 designs of decorative tapes that we supply from ready stock.

Just follow the 4 simple steps given below and you will have decorated your garment with your own brand name and/or suitable decorative tapes.

Step 01

Order our Label Kit by paying Rs. 500. The kit contains 27 different types of textile cloth printed labels, several woven labels and 27 decorative tapes. These products are manufactured by us with our experience of 25 years for various renowned garment manufacturers within and outside India.

Step 02

On receiving the label kit, select the labels of your choice from the kit and send us your artworks. Ask for a quotation for your chosen items.

Step 03

Make the required payment as per Bank details.

Step 04

Send us an E-Mail at informing us of your order. Please do not forget to attach the Format for Customer.

Orders are despatched in about 15 days.
Contact us if you need any help.

What Is Label Kit?

The label kit is a brochure containing 27 representative samples of fabric printed labels in various widths & lengths, several woven labels and 27 decorative tapes.
You can see the beauty of each product as well as get a hand-feel.
Each product has a specific number.
Choose the decorative tape that you like
Choose the label that you like & use the width & length of the label to fit your artwork.
Ask for a quotation for your chosen items.
Order the label kit today.
The Label Kit costs Rs. 500 all inclusive.
( We have purposely not shown any pictures of labels or decorative tapes. We want you to see the physical labels & judge the quality & appropriateness to your business. The label kit has the physical samples. )

Our Products

Woven Elastic Tape

We manufacture woven elastics for waistbands since the last 20 years. The features include:

Quality: The stretch & come-back specifications have been set after conducting several wash trials. Our elastics are pre-shrunk (maximum shrinkage of 1-3%, depending on the hardness of water) but it is advisable to shrink the same before use. Our elastic can be used in light as well as heavy garments

Herewith an easy comparison:

Sr. No. Features Arrow Textiles Ltd. Trader
1 Consistency in specifications Yes Not sure. Only the poly-bag may be consistent
2 Laboratory reports available Yes No
3 Transparency in prices Yes No
4 Is the source of elastic known Yes No
5 Since when is the product in the market 20 Years Not Known
6 Do we keep ready stock Yes Maybe
7 Is the factory ISO certified Yes Maybe
8 Experienced salesman available Yes Maybe
9 Experienced technician available Yes Maybe
10 Any hidden costs such as carriage-in, octroi, taxes No Maybe
11 Is a proper Invoice available Yes Maybe
12 Does the factory employ child labour No Not Sure
13 Companies/Brands using our elastic H&M, Rupa, VIP & several exporters throughout India Not Known

Belly Bands

Such bands improve your brand image.

We supply such bands in:

  • Your artwork
  • The band is duly stuck and finished.
    (You will not see any stitch marks. We use a special process)
  • The bands are available in 12 mm width.
  • There are 2 types of fabrics – Satin and Tafetta.

How to place the order:

  1. Given us your artwork.
  2. Decide the fabric – Satin or Tafetta.
  3. Decide the circumference of the band in mm

How to use the belly band:

Simply slip it on the garment.

Minimum order qty – 3000 Pcs.

Price:- Satin 12 mm bellyband will cost you Rs. 4.50 per pc. Landed at your doorstep.
Tafetta 12 mm bellyband will cost you Rs. 3.00 per pc. Landed at your doorstep.

gripper tape

Gripper Tape

  1. Unique solution to hold the tucked in shirt as it is.
  2. To be stitched inside the trouser or shorts all along the waist. Width is 1 Inch.
  3. Your brand name and logo will appear on the tape as shown.
  4. You can choose your own color combination for the base, brand and logo.
  5. We can supply as low as 500 metres.
  6. The price is just Rs. 30/- per meter.
button hole labels

Button Hole Labels

Such labels improve your brand image.

How to use the label:

Simply insert the button in the hole of the label.

How to place the order:

  1. Give us your artwork.
  2. Give us the length of the button hole ( It will depend on the button size)
  3. Minimum order qty – 3000 pcs.
  4. Price on request.

Want To Order The Label Kit Brochure Now?

Deposit Cheque in Your Nearest AXIS BANK Branch or By Money Transfer.

Arrow Textiles Ltd. AXIS BANK LTD., Fort Branch, Mumbai

Cash Credit A/C No.: 004010300026363

IFSC Code: UTIB0000004

Format For Customer

After you have sent the money, please email to and inform him all details as mentioned below:

Contact us if you need any help.

Our Price List for - Woven Elastic White & Black colour

All Inclusive Price INR for
Sr. Item Code Item Code Width 100 100 300 300 500 500 1000 1000
No. JO No. JO No. MM Mtrs. Mtrs. Mtrs. Mtrs. Mtrs. Mtrs. Mtrs. Mtrs.
White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black
1 P-82 P-82A 6 Rs. 493.00 Rs. 527.00 Rs. 1191.00 Rs. 1278.00 Rs. 1753.00 Rs. 1879.00 Rs. 3230.00 Rs. 3460.00
2 P-83 P-83A 8 Rs. 545.00 Rs. 605.00 Rs. 1403.00 Rs. 1553.00 Rs. 2025.00 Rs. 2245.00 Rs. 3660.00 Rs. 4060.00
3 P-437 P-437A 10 Rs. 590.00 Rs. 631.00 Rs. 1515.00 Rs. 1616.00 Rs. 2270.00 Rs. 2419.00 Rs. 4120.00 Rs. 4390.00
4 P-84 P-84A 12 Rs. 730.00 Rs. 805.00 Rs. 1745.00 Rs. 1933.00 Rs. 2570.00 Rs. 2845.00 Rs. 4680.00 Rs. 5180.00
5 P-224 P-224A 15 Rs. 820.00 Rs. 873.00 Rs. 1970.00 Rs. 2101.00 Rs. 2900.00 Rs. 3093.00 Rs. 5360.00 Rs. 5710.00
6 P-85 P-85A 20 Rs. 955.00 Rs. 1090.00 Rs. 2468.00 Rs. 2805.00 Rs. 3635.00 Rs. 4130.00 Rs. 6740.00 Rs. 7640.00
7 P-86 P-86A 25 Rs. 1155.00 Rs. 1290.00 Rs. 2848.00 Rs. 3185.00 Rs. 4235.00 Rs. 4730.00 Rs. 7860.00 Rs. 8760.00
8 P-81 P-81A 30 Rs. 1290.00 Rs. 1440.00 Rs. 3265.00 Rs. 3640.00 Rs. 4970.00 Rs. 5520.00 Rs. 9160.00 Rs. 10160.00
9 P-87 P-87A 35 Rs. 1475.00 Rs. 1655.00 Rs. 3688.00 Rs. 4138.00 Rs. 5515.00 Rs. 6175.00 Rs. 10180.00 Rs. 11380.00
10 P-88 P-88A 38 Rs. 1595.00 Rs. 1820.00 Rs. 4068.00 Rs. 4630.00 Rs. 6115.00 Rs. 6940.00 Rs. 11300.00 Rs. 12800.00
11 P-89 P-89A 45 Rs. 1790.00 Rs. 2045.00 Rs. 4555.00 Rs. 5193.00 Rs. 6910.00 Rs. 7845.00 Rs. 12760.00 Rs. 14460.00
12 P-90 P-90A 50 Rs. 2155.00 Rs. 2500.00 Rs. 5428.00 Rs. 6290.00 Rs. 8115.00 Rs. 9380.00 Rs. 15060.00 Rs. 17360.00
13 P-408 P-408A 60 Rs. 2740.00 Rs. 3250.00 Rs. 7050.00 Rs. 8325.00 Rs. 10580.00 Rs. 12450.00 Rs. 19600.00 Rs. 23000.00


Will the edges hurt?


How many washes will the print color withstand?

We cannot guarantee the number of washes, but the print will last tens of washes.

Are the labels ready to stitch on the garment?

Yes. We offer single labels duly cut & folded.

Can I select the base color of my choice?


Can I change the base material of the Fabric printed label?

No. Please select from the label kit.

Can I select the lettering color of my choice?

Yes. Your artwork is welcome.

Will the labels shrink after washing?


Will the labels withstand enzyme wash?

Only Woven labels can withstand enzyme wash.

Will the label color bleed on the garment?


Do the labels contain hazardous chemicals?


Is your company ISO-9001:2008 certified?


Can I change the dimensions of the fabric printed label?

No. Select the dimension from the label kit.

How do I place a repeat order?

Follow steps 3 & 4 on the how to order page. Mention the special number of your product from the earlier invoice.

In which format should I send the artwork?


Do you make the same label in iron-on form?


In how many days will the labels be dispatched?

In 15 days.

By which courier will you send the goods?

Blue Dart or First Flight.

What will be minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for fabric printed labels is 3000 and for woven labels is 5000.

How do I make the payment?

Check the link bank details

How many colors you can print on a label?

We can print a maximum of 6 colours, but the beauty of a label may come from 2-3 colours also.

Will you supply labels to my place which is out of courier service area?


How do I track my order?

We will give you a login ID & password when you order a label Kit. Go to & go to the link Customer support. Enter your login Id & password & you will be able to track your order.

How do I communicate any complaint?

Write to or check contact us

What is your refund/replacement policy in case we don't like the labels?

We cannot give any replacements. We can only improve your next supply.

Will the indicated prices change if my label break-ups are more?

The prices are same for up to 3 break ups. But for more break-ups the price will increase. Please ask us for revised prices. For example, if your break-ups are for S, M, L, XL, XXL etc. your break-ups are for more than 3.

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