Your Wash Care Symbol { The Complete Guide }!

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Your Wash Care Symbol

The law requires garment manufacturers to attach wash care labels to each garment they sell because they provide the customer with necessary information. Therefore, Wash care labels are created by the wash care labels manufacturer in Mumbai, India in such a way that symbols present on them help the customer quickly understand the information on it. The information present on the wash care labels can help you save your time and money. If the information available on the wash care labels is followed, it will help you get a safer and fresher cleaning but if it is ignored, it can ruin your garment. All the information on the label part is okay but if you feel lost and confused after seeing the symbols designed by the wash care labels manufacturer in Mumbai, India then this is the right place for you.

Read the information attached with the following symbols so that you are never confused about these symbols and can always take perfect care of your garments:

Ironing Symbols

The Basic Iron Symbol

This symbol suggests that the garment is safe for ironing and pressing and for ease of understanding the symbol is created with an old fashioned iron by the wash care labels manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

Three Dot Iron Symbol

This symbol shows three dots in the iron, where the dots mean the amount of heat that can be used to iron a garment. This particular symbol means that the garment can be ironed at high heat setting.

Two Dot Iron Symbol

Here too the dots refer to the heat setting and two dots symbolize that the garment can be ironed at medium setting.

One Dot Iron Symbol

One dot on the iron suggests that the garment is delicate and can be ironed on low setting.


Dry Cleaning Symbols

Basic Dry Clean Symbol

The basic dry cleaning symbol is a circle. 

Do Not Dry Clean Symbol

A circle that has a cross on it means that it the garment should not be dry-cleaned. 

Dry Clean Only Symbol

There is a symbol available by wash care labels manufacturer in Mumbai, India for garments that has a P inside a circle.

Dry Clean Normal Symbol


The wash care labels manufacturer in Mumbai, India gives labels that have a symbol in which there is an F in a circle, this means the garment should be dry-cleaned under normal conditions.


Washing Symbols

Basic Wash Symbol

The basic wash symbol is a bucket filled with water, this symbol helps you to identify the temperature or machine setting one should use to wash the garment.

Temperature Indication for Wash Symbol

The wash care labels manufacturer in Mumbai, India use this symbol on the label that has 1 to 6 dots which suggest the temperature ranges the garment can be washed at. The following are the explanation for each number of dot:

One Dot - 30 C, Two Dots - 40 C, Three Dots - 50 C, Four Dots - 60 C, Five Dots - 70 C and Six Dots - 95 C

 Permanent Press Symbol

This symbol has one line under the standard wash symbol. The fabrics that have Permanent Press symbol on it means it has been treated with chemicals to resist wrinkles and to retain the garment’s original shape. If a garment has this symbol it usually means that it should not be ironed.

Gentle Cycle Symbol

This symbol has two lines under the standard wash symbol. This symbol is generally found on fibres like silk or wool, therefore these garments must be washed in a gentle way as vigorous washing can damage the garment. 

 Hand Wash Symbol

The standard Hand wash symbol has a hand at the top of the regular wash symbol. This symbol on a garment means that garment must not be washed in a machine and needs to hand washed. Use hand wash techniques in a sink or small tub as this ensures equal distribution of soap. Also before using your washing liquid, always ensure that it is mild for hand washing.

Do Not Wash Symbol

The Do Not Wash symbol has cross on the standard wash symbol. If this label is found on your garment, then you must not wash it and only dry clean it.

The wash care labels manufacturer in Mumbai, India- Easy Labels Online has wash care labels with these and many more symbols, such as:


Tumble Drying

Mild Treatment

Very Mild Treatment

Next time you purchase a garment always ensure to check the wash care labels as now you know what they mean.

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