Why are patches important on a Security guard?

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One of the leading security guard uniform patches manufacturer in Mumbai, India defines a Security Guard as a person who is employed by a public or private company to protect the employing company’s assets, (such as, people, premises, equipment or money) from a variety of dangerous situations by using various preventive measures.  Security professionals are the first persons one encounters when they visit a firm or a society. The security professionals are supposed to wear uniforms that provide employees and visitors with a sense of relief that there is some security personnel present for their safety. The uniforms these security guards wear are easy to recognize and they also help to guide people to different authorities, especially in times of emergency.

Guiding is not the only function of the security, they play a very vital role in guarding the safety of the organization or wherever they are placed. These guards have the following functions which make them way more precious an asset than we think:

●  Be Clearly Visible

To make sure criminals do not even think of entering the company or their working area they have to make sure that they are clearly visible.

●  Be Vigilant

The security guard is always supposed to be vigilant that keeps a watch on any potentially harmful thing. For this the security guard must be very observant and be aware of what they are seeing, hearing and smelling. The guard must keep a check if he smells some sort of gaseous or burning smell or hears an unusual sound. The guard must also be quick to understand if someone is purposefully trying to divert his attention from his duty.

●  Quick Reflexes

The security guard must be quick to respond during a problem and know what he exactly has to do to prevent damage.

The uniform of a security guard is a very important part of their duty. It makes the guard stand out from the normal people projecting them as a person in authority. The uniform of a security guard is so important that many countries suggest that the following should always be present on a security guard’s uniform: 

●  A badge specifying ‘Security’

●  The guards name patch

●  The company patch

These elements ensure that the guard is a trained professional security guard.

Importance of Security Guard Patches

While their uniform defines what role they play the security guard patches on their uniform gives them an identity. The following reasons give some light on the importance of Security Guard Patches:

1. Instantly Recognizable

The security guard uniform patches manufacturers in Mumbai, India make the security guard patches in such a way that one can instantly recognize a guard. With things like ‘Security’, Company’s name and the officer’s name mentioned on the patches makes it easier for people to recognize guards from a distance.

2. A Visual Scare for Criminals

When the guards are easy to recognize and are seen outside a company with professional security guard patches, the criminals will try to stay away from the company thus reducing chances of criminal activity.

3. Makes the Security Guard feel Responsible

With the Security guard patches on the guards uniform, the feel responsible for the name and reputation of the company. Also with a patch of their name and people recognizing they feel responsible for their actions.

4. Satisfaction for Employees and Customers

While entering the company Security Guard is the first person they meet and who greets them as well as ensures the safety of the employees. When they see this guard they feel safe working for a company that has some sort of security for them and the security guard patches boost this confidence.

5. Shows Professionalism of the Company

If you might have seen, all professional and multi- giant companies have security guards. And the patches on the company’s security guard shows, that the company is not only professional about the work they do but also about the security they have in a house.

6. Security of the Company

Keeping all the benefits aside having a security guard patches on the uniform means that the guard serves a company and is professionally trained by the organization. This means that he will always be equipped to deal with any possible situation or crisis!


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