The Weaves of Woven Tapes

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Many woven tapes supplier in India believe that how a tape is weaved defines its strength! Weaving undoubtedly is one of the most popularly known ways of manufacturing fabric. Weaving is a process that involves the interlacing of two individual strands of the yarn at right angles. This type of pattern created by woven tapes manufacturer in India are extremely strong, yet flexible structures which has the capacity to hold the threads in its place and as a result create a solid cloth or fabric or woven tape. The modern technology in today’s world has helped us to produce incredibly tight structures with the use of machines, even though the process is similar to hand weaving.

Selecting the ideal woven tape based on your needs and requirements can be a challenging task at hand, especially if you are not aware (like many people) about the different types of fabrics and weaves. But those are part of the fabric industry understand that weaves can be of various types such as patterns, canvas, grosgrain, satin, twill, herringbone etc. So to help you in being able to select the ideal woven tape based on different requirements, we Easy Labels Online, as some of the most experienced woven tapes manufacturer in India brings to you detailed information about different types of weaves used in woven tapes.

But before we actually understand the details of different weaves, let us get ourselves adept with the weaving technology or process:

The Weaving Process

The weaving process performed by woven tapes manufacturer in India usually involves the interlacing of two sets of wrap and weft of the yarns in a regular as well as recurring pattern. The actual weaving process in practice precedes the yarn preparation process (which involves winding, warping, sizing, drawing and denting).

Winding - 

Converts the smaller ring- frame packages into bigger cheeses and cones while doing this, it also removes the not required yarn faults.

Prin Winding -

It is performed to supply the weft yarns into the shuttle looms.

Wrapping -

The objective of wrapping is to prepare the warper’s beam that contains a large number of parallel ends in a double flanged beam.

Sizing -

It is the process used for applying a protective coating on the warp yarns, so that are able to withstand repeated force of stresses, flexing and strains during the weaving process.

Final Stage - The fabric is manufactured on the looms that performs several operations in a proper sequence, so as to create inter- lacing between the warp and the weft yarns and the continuous production of fabric. After this process is over and all the final details of the fabric have been checked, the woven fabric is sent to the woven tapes supplier in India to make it available to different customers.

Finally after understanding the weaving process, let us straight away dive into the types of weaves you can find in woven tapes when you purchase them from the woven tapes supplier in India.

Types of Weaves (found in Woven Tapes)

There are various types of weaves that are used for creating woven tapes by the woven tapes manufacturer in India, some of these are;

1. Pattern Weave

The pattern weave or the repeat weave is the smallest unit of the weave that produces the required design in the fabric by the process of repetition. There are various available types of patterns in the weave, the most common is the plain weave where, two ends x two picks. This is the most commonly produced amongst all the other woven fabrics and can be easily produced on a loom that has two harnesses.

2. Canvas Weave

Canvas is a coarser weave as compared to the others. As it uses a heavier fabric, the woven tapes supplier in India suggests it can be easily used for projects that require a high level of wear and tear. This weave uses a simple pattern of over one and under one.

3. Grosgrain Weave

Grosgrain weave creates a type of fabric that is characterized by its ribbed look. In this type of weave, the welt is heavier as compared to the warp, which creates prominent transverse ribs. The fabric created with this weave type is referred to as corded fabric as the weft resembles a fine cord. Grosgrain is a type of plain weave corded fabric that has heavier cords than those seen in poplin but lighter than the ones in faille. Although grosgrain has a very dull appearance it is very strong. This weave produces a firm, close- woven and fine-corded fabric. Even though grosgrain fabric is mostly black in colour many woven tapes manufacturer in India also produce it in a variety of colours.

4. Satin Weave or Sateen Weave

Satin weave is known to give the fabric a shiny surface that is often used in reference with exclusive or expensive fabrics. There are two types of weaves that come under this category according to some of the woven tapes supplier in India. The Satin weave is warp faced while the sateen weave is weft faced. The fabrics produced are very smooth, shiny and lustrous in their look that is created by the long floats of either picks or ends. This involves four or more shafts with warp floats or weft floats in a interrupted diagonal form. The lustrous fabric produced by this weave is excellently draw- able that shows floated fashion. This weave produces certain sub categories (such as Satin, Slipper Satin and Crepe- back Satin etc.)

5. Twill Weave

The twill weave is a type of textile weave with a pattern that is characterized by diagonal lines. These diagonal lines created by twill weave are made by woven tapes manufacturer in India at angles between 15 degrees to 75 degrees. The twill weave can be easily identified by looking at the presence of produced diagonal lines which run along the width side of the fabric. This weave has a higher resistance against tearing as compared to the plain weave. Since, it has fewer yarn interlacing per area, it provides a greater degree on internal fabric mobility, making twill tapes a stronger option to be purchased from woven tapes supplier in India. An additional plus point with twill weave is that it has two yarns that will bear the load when torn and not just one. The look of the fabric created by this weave depends on the technique used during the weaving process. With different techniques you can manage to find different twill patterns with different patches.

6. Herringbone Weave

The herringbone weave is a variant of twill weave. The threads in this weave type are woven in a way the herringbone pattern (an arrangement of rectangles named after the fancied resemblance of bones of a fish such as herring) comes on the fabric. Similarly like the twill weaves, the herringbone weave uses countless variations that give a unique look to the fabric or the tape supplied by the woven tapes supplier in India.

7. Piping Tape Weave

Piping is most commonly referred to as cording. This so because in earlier times piping was considered as ‘flat piping’, in which you put a small layer of fabric into seem to give it an extra definition. Also cording was always referred to as piping which had a cord inserted inside it. But these days the definition has somewhat sub- merged.

For the best quality of woven tapes manufactured by the most experienced woven tapes manufacturer in India, connect with Easy Labels Online. They help you select the best woven tapes based on your requirement from the decades of experience and skill they have mastered over time.

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