Types of woven tapes- elastic & Non-elastic

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types-woven-tapesWoven Tapes created by woven tapes manufacturer in India are also known as narrow fabric tapes, these tapes are created from any textile that was formed from weaving. Woven Tapes supplier in Mumbai, India provide abundant tapes to cater the needs of all its uses, such as, enabling healing process, in the manufacturing process and products of surfboards and automobiles, harnessing wires and in training grounds as well as war zones. The woven tapes manufacturer in India creates woven tapes in different colours, designs and width based on the requirements of the customer. The tapes manufactured are both simple yet intricate and are prepared from the finest quality of fabrics that offer great strength and durability.

There are various forms of tapes that exist in our modern world such as:

● Cloth Tapes

● Woven Fabric Tapes

● Non Woven Fabric Tapes

● Cloth Tapes

Cloth tapes are manufactured with cotton, acetate, nylon, rayon, polyester, woven or non- woven fabric with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive. Mostly the cloth in these tapes are coated with materials such as foil, silicone, rubber, PTFE or vinyl which makes the tapes more water proof, fire- resistant and durable. The cotton tapes are used for a variety of purposes and have the following common name references:

● Duct Tape

● Spike Tape

● Friction Tape

● Gaffers Tape

● Medical Tape

● Carpet Tape

● Athletic Tape

● Hockey Tape

● Glass Cloth Tape

● Binding Tape

Non- Woven Fabric Tapes

These tapes can be made from natural or synthetic fibres that are interlocked mechanically, chemically or thermally. Non- woven fabric tapes possess diverse properties such as stretch- ability, resilience, liquid repellence, absorbency, wash- ability, flame- repulsion, filtering, cushioning, sterility and bacterial barrier. Some non- woven fabric tapes have the potential to be recycled and are most commonly used in health care, home furnishings, industrial and consumer goods and apparel.

Woven Fabric Tapes

Woven Fabric Tapes also known as narrow fabric tapes are manufactured by woven tapes manufacturer in India with the technique of weaving or knitting yarns. The narrow fabric tapes, either elastic or non-elastic, both are known as Ribbons, tapes webbings and all come under the category of woven narrow fabric tapes (if they contain woven selvedge and are less than 12 inches). Narrow fabric tapes are supplied in cotton, nylon, poly-cotton and polyester fabrics. The narrow fabric tapes are of two types:

● Elastic Woven Tapes and

● Non- Elastic Woven Tapes

Let us get a deeper understanding of both the above mentioned types of tapes supplied by Woven Tapes supplier in Mumbai, India:

Elastic Woven Tapes

Elastic narrow fabric tapes are basically made in widths between 1/8 inches and 12 inches of width.   Elastic Woven Tapes is available in the market in two variations, first is the knitted elastic tape and elastic woven tapes. Easy Labels Online a supreme woven tapes manufacturer in India manufactures only woven elastic tapes which they provide with two options, Jacquard Elastic Tapes and Plain Elastic Tapes.

Jacquard Elastic Tapes are essentially the ones that either have some design or brand name printed on the tape itself, while the other one, Plain Elastic Tapes, as the name suggests is a plain tape.

Non- Elastic Woven Tapes

Non- Elastic Woven Tapes are supplied by a leading Woven Tapes supplier in Mumbai, India- Easy Labels Online provides these tapes between ¼ inches and 6 inches of width. These tapes are commonly known by various other names such as decorative tapes, twill tapes, cotton tapes, narrow fabric tapes, printed tapes, braids, webbings, woven tapes, garment tapes, fashion tapes and many more that you can easily get with Easy Labels Online. All these tapes are created by non elastic fabric and thus are rigid in nature.

To conclude, we would say Narrow fabric woven tapes makes possible the ability to manufacture composite fabrics, these tapes form an excellent framework for holding surfboards, boats and many kinds of transportation vehicles.  The versatile ability of the fabrics used to make these tapes into any shape, absorb and hold specialized resins like polyester, epoxy and vinyl makes it a fantastic framework. Narrow Fabrics and their compositional materials are made of polyester, fibreglass, metallic, nylon and reflective yarns, carbon fibre, neoprene, cotton, rubber, polypropylene, rayon and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Types of woven tapes- elastic & Non-elastic

Nov, 14 2018
Types of woven tapes- elastic & Non-elastic

Woven Tapes created by woven tapes manufacturer in India are also known as narrow fabric tapes, these tapes are created from any textile that was f...

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